Saturday, 8 October 2011

Radio Invicta & Horizon Radio

Two of the pioneering soul stations in London in the early 80s were Invicta and Horizon. Here are some clips from the two stations from 1983.

(1.29 mins)

There's a lot more audio and information about Invicta at these links:

Here is a clip from Horizon. The station formed in 1982 but in 1984 a revolt led to 11 DJs setting up a new station, Solar Radio.

(1.05 mins)

I did find clips of Horizon and many other London pirates at this site:
There's a lot more about Horizon and more audio at the Pirate Archive:

In 2017 a new Horizon Radio website was launched:

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  1. There has been a lot of comments on the subject of Horizon Radio from the good old days of the 1980's.

    Some good, some from people who where miss informed. so I think time for a website to put the true facts in place and to dedicate the site to Horizons No1 Listener Mick Bayley, a real friend who help Horizon so much. RIP Mick.

    I do not spend very much of my time in the UK and am very busy creating websites for people across the planet. I will later this year give the full story of Horizon Rdio 94.5 and 102.5 and even put in some of the jingles and shows I still have on tape of the Guys who did a great job for the station and helped to change broadcasting in the UK.

    People like Gary Lee, Mike G, Barry T, Steve Bernard, CJ of the early days, John Osbourne (later days), Barry Jameson and many more.

    I still have the photo's of so much, In the Park at Wansworth and the Outside Broadcasts from nine elms lane, Dougies and Harrow and why some of the guys followed Jackson and Monson in setting up SOLAR.

    read it for yourself and I will try and do it this year.

    Meantime enjoy the radio of today created by the radio of yesterday.

    Keep well