Sunday 23 January 2011

Radio Kristel International

Here is a short recording of Radio Kristel from Easter 1982, who if I remember also broadcast on medium wave to the London area.

(3.05 mins)

Saturday 15 January 2011

Thameside Radio

One of the most popular stations on FM in London in the early 80s was Thameside Radio which had a loyal following of listeners. Even today, there are several websites devoted to the station plus it has its own Wikipedia entry! Here is a little extract from the station but plenty more can be found elsewhere.

(2.49 mins)

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Saturday 8 January 2011

Westside Radio

Westside Radio was a familiar sound on 48 metres during the 1980s with Prince Terry who then went on host Radio Ozone, with Garry Stephens. Here is a bit of Westside from the early 80s.

(4.32 mins)

There's more about Westside on the DX Archive website.

Monday 3 January 2011


Here is a station called WLS which broadcast from central England in the early 80s, with a slick presentation.

(3.14 mins)