Tuesday 23 June 2020

Sounds of London's FM pirates from 1980s

Back in the 1980s I was living about 30 miles from London and would be tuning around to hear the
FM pirates from the capital. Maybe not a front row seat - more like two rows back. Some stations came in better than others. I've put together a compilation of audio clips from some of the stations I managed to hear.

If you want to discover or hear more about these stations there's quite a few websites looking back at that era. Two excellent ones are AMFM and The Pirate Archive

Some of these audio clips have already featured in my Pirate Memories blog, plus a few new ones I found on my tapes. The number in brackets is the time each station appears on the recording. The link at the end of the index will take you to the Mixcloud page where this recording is hosted.

City Sound (0.0)
Fresh FM (0.34)
Hits FM (3.49)
Horizon (6.37)
Invicta (7.46)
JFM (11.21)
KJazz (13.38)
London Basin Broadcasting Company (14.51)
London FM (17.50)
London Music Radio (18.22)
London Weekend Radio (19.13)
People's Choice (20.57)
Sina Radio (21.17)
Solar Radio (21.57)
Sunfire (25.17)
Telstar South (28.23)
Thameside Radio (29.13)
Time (32.05)
TKO (35.35)
Uptown Radio (37.45)
Radio Zodiac (40.37)

Running time 43.30 minutes

This is the link to my Mixcloud page: https://www.mixcloud.com/shortwave_listener/