Saturday, 12 September 2020

Sounds of 1980s London medium wave pirates

During the 1980s some pirate stations could be heard on medium wave. The most famous was Radio Jackie which was campaigning to receive a licence, although it took them until 2003 to receive that licence. Others were hobby pirates who popped up at the weekends. I've pulled together a collection of audio clips of some of them I heard from my location just outside London.

Some of these audio clips have already featured in my Pirate Memories blog, plus a few new ones I found on my tapes. The number in brackets is the time each station appears on the recording. The link at the end of the index will take you to the Mixcloud page where this recording is hosted.

Radio Jackie (0)
County Radio (2.11)
Radio Mi Amigo (2.55)
Radio Floss (5.13)
Radio Sovereign (8.27)
Southern Radio (9.46)
South East Sounds (10.07)
Three Boroughs Radio (16.20)

Total running time 17.36 mins

This is the link to my Mixcloud page:

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