Sunday, 8 May 2011

Radio Avalanche

Here is a short recording of UK station Radio Avalanche making their first broadcast, relayed by the Apollo Radio Relay Network in late 1982.

(3.23 mins)


  1. Thanks for putting this on. I wonder where ol Stuart is now. Do you remember his publication Airspec News? We had some interesting stations on the Apollo Relay Network. Dave Scott

  2. Gosh. Ol' Stuart is here and he's just stumbled upon this page after googling Airspec for the first time in a couple of years (having found nothing previously). I still have all the recordings of the RA shows, though I've never, ever listened to them again. (I was 15 and suspect that they're massively cringeworthy, though this extract isn't as bad as I feared!) Still got all the issues of Airspec in a box too, must dig them out and have a look. Good to know you're still out there, Dave, hope you're well. And thanks to UK DXer for this unexpected trip down memory lane.